The Horse Activity Centre - Providing horse riding and interaction for ages 4+
Adult - own a horse experience days!!
A fantastic opportunity to spend a day out doors with the horses, giving you a brilliant  insight into the aspects of owning and caring for your own horse!!
Includes two riding lessons and a whole day of practical stable management tutition!! Special offer for feb/ march/April now only £60Example itinerary
8.30am - Morning checks of the horses befour making up the breakfast feeds.
9.00 - Turn out some of the horses into paddocks
9.15 - Muck in with the mucking out!! learn how to correctly set a bed, fill and tie up hay nets, clean and re fill water buckets.
10.30 - practical stable management - learning the basics of horse care ( session according to current abilities)
11.30 - Drink & snack break (Included)
11.45 - Learn about your horses tack and how to correctly fit it ready for riding.
12.15 - Riding lesson
1.15 - Hay and water horses for lunch
1.30- Lunch
2.15 - Riding or stable management lesson
3.15 - untack and make your horse comfy, clean tack
4.00 - skip out, hay and water.
Days and times can be tailor made to suit you, so feel free to let us know your requirements, available most days!!